i ran


For the first time in 10 years or so I went for a run. I miss running so much, the easiest of exercises. The problem is that the padding on the bottom of my feet has thinned over the years, and one foot in particular starts hurting after a mile or less. Back in the day, it was starting to hurt in regular walking.

At that time I had my running shoes operated on by Dave the Cobbler. He cut open the soles, inserted a super hard carbon shield in each shoe, and glued the soles back together. That was the doctor’s suggestion. He had x-rayed my feet and saw how my foot structure would naturally put maximum force right where I was losing padding. So I ran with super-hard inserts. Didn’t help. I said goodbye to running, my fat-burning friend.

Recently someone told me about a new running fad; minimalist shoes. The exact opposite of what the foot doctor recommended all those years ago. The theory is that these shoes are more like barefoot running and change the way your foot strikes the ground. Maybe, I thought, if I change the way my foot strikes the ground, all would be well.

I bought a pair today at a place that guarantees to take them back and refund my money at any time and in any circumstance. And I ran. A lovely short run, mostly on gravel. Other runners came by me from the other direction and it was like, “Hey dude … we be runners.” It was unspoken, but you know. It felt great. My body was saying “more, more, more.”

By the time I got back from my short run, my left foot was tingling in that old familiar way. Not quite into pain territory. Not quite. Probably next time. In honor of the Olympics, I ate some Greek yogurt.


3 thoughts on “i ran

  1. lilbro

    Waiting for further reports of your foot pain, or lack of foot pain success, or if the return policy works. I am also waiting for some type of cheap knee lubricant and affordable replacement cartilage so I can return to running. Maybe olive oil and cheese would work.

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