curiosity rover landing parties in seattle


Are you more interested in Mars than the Olympics? I thought so. NASA’s Curiosity Rover will attempt its bizarre and amazing landing this Sunday night. I scoured the Web for Mars lander parties this Sunday in my part of the world. I found three, although there must be more.

MarsFest 2012 at the Museum of Flight. Note that because the Blue Angels will be in town and parked here for viewing, the car parking will be a bit different than usual.

Curiosity Rover Landing Party at The Kenney in West Seattle. At first I thought this must be a bar, but this actually a retirement community, which is better than a bar.

I read it on reddit. The folks at the Wayward Coffeehouse on Roosevelt will be caffeinated and up late and showing a live NASA video feed.

This is kind of like going to an election-results party. There’s a strong possibility of a big let-down, tempered by the potential euphoria of success. I recently met someone who works for a local company that builds many of the rockets that are used in the steering and landing of Curiosity. There will be lots of local interest.


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