run music, birds, gasoline scam – there’s no theme here


Run music

Tried to go running again. So I had to come up with another running song to post below. I refuse to use “Born to Run,” and I already used “Run and Run” in a previous post. I considered “Run Run Run” because it’s got three runs and you can’t go wrong with the Velvet Underground. But then I came across the classic theme from “Chariots of Fire.”  Too clichéd, I thought, until I noticed that Vangelis is smoking a cigarette in the video, which is the perfect inspiration for cardiovascular fitness.


So I jogged along the grassy area by the ship canal and watched the wildlife. I saw crows, the Hermione Granger of local birds, and Canadian Geese, the honey badger of local birds. No, they’re the pigeon of the parks. Whatever. I think running is not going to work for me, but I haven’t given up yet. I keep telling myself that the left foot just needs time to adjust.

Gas scam

It’s now twice in one week that I’ve had a stranger ask me for gas money in this neighborhood. The first guy was standing by a parked car near the library. He told me that no one would help him. He needed to buy gas to get home. “Where’s your wallet?” I asked. “My wife’s got my credit card,” he answered. I almost believed him, but he kept telling me that he could prove it was his car because he had the key. He was very insistent on this point, as if having a key to the car would open my wallet. He was trying too hard, in my opinion, and using the car like a prop in a staged reading.

This morning a guy in a truck pulled over while I was waiting to cross at a stoplight. He was on his way to work, but needed gas. For some reason, I almost believed this person. My stinginess kicked in, however, when I noted that I only had a twenty and no change. I might have given a buck, but not a twenty. Then he went into some bit about how he could prove who he was or something or other with some paperwork and I recognized the same scam.

If someone is honestly in a desperate situation and needs gas, I think he would just keeping asking people until someone gave him money. He wouldn’t keeping leaning on a bystander about some sort of proof. Next time someone asks, I will offer to make a phone call for him, or offer to flag down a friendly police officer who is likely to have some spare gas in his trunk for unfortunate situations just like this.

I’m either wise to them or a heartless skinflint.


3 thoughts on “run music, birds, gasoline scam – there’s no theme here

  1. I remember giving a guy some money. Jorj was with me and kept telling me not to do it. But it’s hard to talk to the guy and think that he could be lying like this, so point blank. Plus, I rationalized, I lose so little money this way, anyway. Maybe $30. tops/year.

  2. yacman

    Interesting Dan. On my way back to my car after our art adventure in Fremont on Friday I was approached by a comely lass who was desperate. She ran out of gas and the two guys who helped her push it off the road stole her purse and she desperately need gas money to get to Bellingham. “Gosh,” I said, “You want me to call the police for you?” “The police wouldn’t help me,” she replied. Yeah, right. I felt like applauding for her story-telling and acting prowess, but, no, I’d sooner give cash to the guy building the space needle statue. But, maybe she found someone like Carl. Who knows? I should track her down and put her in my next play.

  3. dangblog

    You could have a play about people giving help to strangers. Actually, we could just do a revival of the musical, “Hair.” I would want Scot to sing “Easy to Be Hard,” and Carl to direct.

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