soaring pumpkins


The weather was absolutely perfect in the Seattle area this weekend. A wonderful time was had by all. I’m speaking for everyone who lives in the Puget Sound region. No one appointed me their spokesperson, and in fact I’m sure some people will claim to have had an awful weekend, but I’m still making the call. There were several special memories but I’ll just call out a couple of them:

– At the Pumpkin Hurl and Medieval Fair in Snohomish, I saw a trebuchet fling a pumpkin for more than three football fields lengths. I stood in awe as the pumpkin spent a very long time in the sky before descending and exploding on the ground in the distance.
– At this same event, I stood close to a large horse after it had been charging up and down a field and I rubbed its nose and I felt amazing blasts of warm breath come out of the creature. The lungs must be enormous. Scary huge animal power.

I took a few blurry photos with my less-than-spectacular camera phone.

Here’s the winning trebuchet from last year (same winner this year). You can’t see the pumpkin once it’s launched into the air, and you can’t see it land, but you can see the fantastic Squash-O-Fire machine in action. You can also see how lousy the weather was last year compared to this year’s sunny perfection.


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