sissies rule


The title is my favorite bit of graffiti I noticed while jogging along the Burke-Gilman tonight. Unless there is a local band called “Sissies” in which case I don’t like it anymore. Just down the road from me is a piece of paper posted on a utility pole that says “One of them is floating.” Make of that what you will.

Runners and walkers – why can’t we keep to one side of the trail so bicycles don’t have to weave in and out to get past us? Unlike the Green Lake path, there are only a few places where one side of the B-G is clearly marked as being for peds, and people ignore it anyway.

In the absence of a marked divide, there are just two simple rules to follow:

  • If the path is running east and west, people on foot should be on the side of the trail closest to magnetic north.
  • If  the path is running north and south, pedestrians should, like the sun, stay to the east before noon, and to the west after noon.

It’s just that simple. 

If you don’t want to even think about it, just close your eyes and let the coriolis effect guide you to your proper position. Or just do the math in your head. Start with your latitude on the earth (φ ).  The “v” is velocity, the “a” is the distance between the edge of the trail and your shoe.

Can I go to bed now? It’s been a long day.


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