The Hallows Church


It wasn’t that long ago that I received a postal mailed invitation to attend classes at a Seattle church. Today I got an invitation card left on my door from a different church, The Hallows Church. They’re having a barbecue this weekend and I’m invited.

The church’s website was listed on the card, so I thought I’d better check it out before I went BBQing. Not surprisingly, this is a Christian church, so they worship the Yahweh god. Their site says, “If you have questions related to the gospel and your relationship with God, please contact us …” and provides a phone number and email.

The writer just assumes that there is only one god and assumes the authority to answer questions about my relationship to that god. Why should I believe in their god and not a Hindu or Buddhist or Yoruba god? I doubt that there is a common sense answer to that question. The Hallows Church website says that we belong to their god, and we are created in order to glorify this god. I wonder why this god likes to be glorified. What does that say about this particular god?

Reading on, it turns out that this god also thinks that people are “corrupted by sin” and we must confess our sin and repent. What kind of bizarre game is this god playing? It created people who would be corrupted. Then god sent his son to live among us. And who is his son? It turns out that he is his own son. Jesus is also god. And Jesus is able to “satisfy god’s wrath.”

We have a wrathful deity who likes to be glorified. His wrath is satisfied by himself, in the form of Jesus, who is able to remove the sins of humans (if only they will accept him as savior and glorify him). Before this can get any more wacky, I’ll just say right now that I have no desire to attend a BBQ with these people. I’m sure they are nice folks, good neighbors, and so on, but this is just outright crazy talk. Don’t get me wrong; I love absurdity and nuttiness, but only as entertainment.

Some of these Christian churches have a dark underbelly regarding the subjugation of women and the promotion of anti-gay bigotry (you reading this, Mars Hill?) but I’m not going spend more time on the Hallows Church site to find out if they are one of them.


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