the pacific northwest, where the sun is always shining


This was really a full, event-packed weekend. I didn’t plan it that way originally, but that’s how it came together.

Friday night. Saw Grizzly Bear at the Paramount. Here they are. And here. They mix lovely harmonies with unexpected and sometimes just plain odd sounds, but it fits together nicely. Pop melodies, dense layers of sound, ballads, almost-symphonic waves, but usually grounded with a down-to-earth instrument like a harmonica or folk-like guitar. Spectacular and sometimes haunting stage lights. There was a background of jellyfish-like lanterns that moved or drifted in a clever and well-thought-out display throughout the show.

Saturday. Portland friends were in town, and while one went to a film festival, gl and I bicycled around Fremont and to Ballard. Some highlights: a visit to Pie and Bluebird ice cream, sun-drenched cycling on the Burke-Gilman, Theo chocolates (of course) and a Ballard locks visit, where the fish were not climbing the ladder, but a hot tub boat was heading for the Sound.

Sunday -To the Kinetic Sculpture Race in Port Townsend  and a visit with friends there. Vehicles had to travel on water, land, sand, and mud. The winner was supposed to be whoever finished in the middle of the pack. My favorite entrant in the race was a vehicle with a barbecue in the middle of it that was cooking while it traveled. Below – two race photos, one building in Port Townsend, and Mt. Baker with a brightly colored freighter entering Puget Sound.


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