falling into october


Saw the movie, “The Master” this weekend. My thumbnail review: really good, but you can wait for small-screen version. Philip Seymour Hoffman, Joaquin Phoenix, Amy Adams: all superb. Hoffman’s character and his spiritual group obviously have a great deal in common with Scientology. Most everything here is perfect, but what exactly the movie is saying is up for grabs. A certain amount of open-endedness can be awesomely effective when the build-up to it is appropriate: Todd Hayne’s “Safe,” for example. I’m not sure it’s so effective for “The Master.” Well worth seeing, though.

Went to a birthday party for a 50-year-old fellow I know. There was aerial acrobatics, there was a burlesque performance, there was a chocolate cake armored in malted milk balls and there were homemade chocolate candies. The chocolate stuff was so good that the cocoa-receptors in my brain were brutally shaken and had to be sobered up before I could go home.

What good can chocolate do, what good can chocolate do?
Lord, I eat chocolate all night but the next day I still feel blue

There’s a truffle on the table, they say it’s gonna ease all my pain,
And there’s a truffle on the table, they say it’s gonna ease my pain
But I eat it all, an’ the next day I feel the same

Today I visited the grand opening of the SPARK Museum in Bellingham. It’s dedicated to the history of the development of commercial electricity, electrical appliances, radio, and more. It’s a very nice place, nice presentation, and plenty of hands-on educational opportunities for kids. The “Electrical Show” in the museum auditorium featured a large Tesla coil. It was a little disappointing that the verbal content of the show was kind of amateurish and not so educational. That needs work. The coil in action is a little tame for those of us who’ve witnessed Doctor Megavolt, but that’s a pretty high standard. I think most people would be impressed with the massive 12-foot arcs of lightning.


2 thoughts on “falling into october

  1. gl.

    that sounds like a good birthday party. a cake armoured in malted milk balls? yes, please!

    also, i’m guessing you couldn’t actually be in a faraday cage at the museum. was it loud?

  2. dangblog

    I weep little wistful tears when I think of that cake.
    After the Tesla show, you could go into the cage and have your photo taken while the coil was operating, but there was a mandatory donation to the museum involved. Don’t recall how much.

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