a post-election walk


I went out into the post-election air tonight for a quick walk. Almost immediately I came across two slightly inebriated young men looking for the nearest taco truck. I turned them around, since they had walked right past said taco truck. I will take this experience as a kind of I Ching reading of the nation’s destiny, with these guys standing in for the yarrow stalks or the tossed coins.

This is my reading: We are a youthful nation, intoxicated, looking for tacos. (I’m a literalist when it comes to divination.)

I went to the expensive yuppie food store and purchased a loaf of “Ezekiel 4:9” bread. The biblical passage refers to a command from god to make bread out of wheat, barley, beans, lentils, millet, and fitches. A fitch is a seed used as a spice, according to Wikipedia. In Ezekiel 4:12, the lord commands that this bread be baked over human dung.

My take: I trust that the Rainier Organic Bakery does not use a strict interpretation of this cooking method. Meanwhile, we have yet another reason to steer clear of this Jehovah character.

Getting back to the election, it looks as though marriage equality has come to Washington State. That will make some people angry and disgusted, but the rest of us will see it as another tiny step toward a civilized society.

Your takeaway: Love the bigot, hate the bigotry.

To whatever extent Obamacare provides healthcare coverage for uninsured people, or makes healthcare coverage more affordable, that’s another tiny step toward a civilization. I’m not saying it’s the best plan. I’d prefer something like what Canada offers.

I agree with this: The right wing has gone so far to the right that policies of the sort that used to come from moderate Republicans are now considered liberal. 


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