when my brain short circuits


I was invited to enter a contest to win free chocolate chip cookies for an entire year. My brain went into a weird feedback loop. “Winning this would be great. No, winning this would be terrible. Winning this would be great. No, terrible.” On and on the loop went. These aren’t just any chocolate chip cookies, but huge, wonderful cookies from a local bakery within walking distance of my workplace. And I love chocolate chip cookies.* I also need to lose some poundage, so big fat cookies are the last thing I need. My thought-loop continues. Yes. No. Yes. No. I need shock therapy.

*Cookie philosophy: the primary reason for the existence of a cookie is to transport chocolate chips to the mouth.

I was on the freeway and about to exit onto a bridge that crosses Lake Washington. The bridge is currently undergoing construction. A sign above the freeway said, “Bridge closed for boat traffic: 1:30 p.m. to 2:00 p.m..” It was almost 1:30. I thought to myself, “Well, I’m not in a boat, so what does it matter if it closes for boat traffic?” I took the exit, headed for the bridge. Doh! The entire bridge was closing down to open up and let boats through. I made it over in the nick of time. Sheesh. I think the cookie loop is taking up a larger and larger portion of my head that used to make common sense decisions.


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