dangblog movie roundup


I’ve seen more movies than usual lately. I last reported in about seeing The Master. Since then I’ve seen:

Looper. An interesting blend of dystopian science fiction, a Bruce Willis action movie, and a Twilight Zone episode. Once you accept the time travel premise, it works pretty well. Fun, except for the multiple bloody deaths by gunshot.

The Sessions. Funny, interesting look at a disabled man’s quest to experience sex. Admirable restraint shown in not going into super-sentimental overdrive. It does go just a little bit over the line into maudlin, but only a little.

Argo. Political thriller based on a true story, involving the subterfuge used to spirit some Americans out of Iran in 1980. Starts slow, but the tension builds to a fine pitch before the end. Some fictional tweaks were made to the real story to ratchet up the tension.

Cloud Atlas. A big, ambitious, long movie that follows several different stories. For me, it was worth seeing because it’s an attempt at smart science fiction/fantasy and because it’s fun to pick out the actors in their various guises. Especially entertaining to see Hugo Weaving playing a Nurse Ratched type character. That said, in my opinion the multiple story lines did not pull together into an overarching whole. In the end, it was a bunch of separate stories with the same actors. Clever, mostly entertaining, a noble effort, but not successful.


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