more news in the post-election world


Outgoing GOP chair-human in Maine suspects voter fraud because unknown black persons were alleged to have voted. No kidding, that’s all he’s got to go on.

Better yet, in October (whoops, that’s pre-election news) a four-hour briefing was held for Georgia lawmakers that explained an Obama conspiracy to use mind control to create a communist dictatorship. Looks like the meeting was sparsely attended.

A Montana legislator (guess which party) requested that he receive his pay in gold and silver coins. Request denied.

John McCain. He could have been president.

In happier news, a homeless man was arrested in Sarasota, Florida for the crime of charging his cell phone from an outlet in a picnic shelter at a public park. He was charged with theft of city utilities, but a judge threw the case out after the man spent a night in jail.


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