on the bolt bus


Can I blame the Bolt Bus for arriving at the pick-up point two hours late due to an accident on I-5? I guess not. And because it  was late, it became mired in pre-Thanksgiving traffic, pushing my arrival time back even more. Can’t blame Bolt, I guess. But I can say it one more time: two hours late. No problems whatsoever on the return trip.

Bolt points to ponder:

  • Cheap and you don’t have to drive.
  • Unlike the train or other buses, it doesn’t stop, it just gets you there. (Unless there is traffic mayhem.)
  • The seats are okay but not all that comfy, can’t recline, and are not good for sleeping.
  • Power sockets are handy for electronics. On my trip home, I had a non-functioning power socket.
  • Wi-fi was pretty crappy on the trip out. Didn’t try it on the trip back.
  • It’s still cheap and you don’t have to drive.

Sure, I’d use Bolt again under the right circumstances. For example, I can envision heading up to Vancouver B.C. with my bicycle in the summer. Let someone else be at the wheel while waiting in line at the border.


3 thoughts on “on the bolt bus

  1. gl.

    bummer about the wifi and the power socket. but if i’m going to be in a traffic jam, i think i’d rather be on the bus than in my own car. and yes, let’s go to vancouver with bikes! 😀

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