a christmas curse and a couple movies to mention


As we celebrate Christmas, make a happy toast to all of the people who are currently suffering horrific agony in hell (for those gullible readers who believe in a literal hell). Merry Christmas to you, sinners in the underworld. Especially those of you who just happened to be born in a non-Christian family – eternal burning torture and Happy New Year.

But enough levity; now on to the movies.

Spirited Away – I’m way late to the party on Miyazaki movies, but finally saw this one. Wow. A new surprise every minute. Amazing scenes and creatures bursting out of the imagination over and over again. It’s pretty spectacular. The story itself was just okay for me, probably great for children. Overall, a fountain of creativity and strangeness and beautiful images. Next up: Princess Mononoke.

The Hobbit, part 1.  I saw this in 3D but not the 48 fps version. I had read lots of reviews that said it was slow moving, especially at first, but I had no trouble in that department at all. I enjoyed it. Lots of Gandalf, which means lots of Ian McKellen, and that’s all good. I really enjoyed the Radagast wizard character. This film didn’t stick with me the way the first film of the LOTR trilogy did, and it probably doesn’t need three movies anyway. Enjoyable, nonetheless.



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