post-human man postscript


I’ve occasionally poked fun at transhumanism in this blog. In fact, one of my very first posts back in 2003  (Goodbye Monkey Body) was on this topic. Recently I came across a blog, Amor Mundi, that does little else than whack at the transhumanists. That is a little exhausting (though I guess someone’s got to do it). This particular entry, “Ten Things You Must Fail to Understand If You Want to be a Transhumanist for Long” is a gem.



2 thoughts on “post-human man postscript

  1. It’s hard to understand why the guy is so upset with transhumanism if it’s a bunch of foolishness as he attests. To me it seems like a fine way to discuss what might be the implications of the here and now.

  2. dangblog

    I don’t know why he’s dedicated a daily – sometimes more than daily – blog to the subject. Transhumanism can be a way to discuss implications of what we are doing now, but it can also be a way to toss out responsibility and say “never mind, science will fix it.” I think if you read a lot of transhumanist material you’d be a bit appalled at the silliness and even selfishness involved.

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