film it


It’s movie time again.

The Counterfeiters. SB loaned me this 2007 film about Operation Bernhard. In World War II, the Nazis used skilled concentration camp laborers to make counterfeit British pounds and U.S. dollars. The movie is a fictionalized account based on real events, dealing with the decisions people must make regarding what they will or won’t do to stay alive. Nearly everything about this movie is good, except the horrific grim reality of the camps.

Les Miserables. This was pretty to watch and I liked some of the music, but it seemed bloated with cliches and over-the-top melodrama. It went on forever with scene after scene of overwrought emoting that prevented me from taking it seriously. And just why the heck did the Russell Crowe character (spoiler alert!) feel the need to plunge from a great height in an oh-so-dramatic suicide? The sad part was that I just didn’t care.

Coming up: I’m ordering from the library a bunch of Stanley Kubrick films I’ve never seen, starting with Paths of Glory and Lolita, and then moving to Steel Metal Jacket and Eyes Wide Shut.  Since high school I’ve seen and been so impressed with his work — Dr. Strangelove, 2001: A Space Odyssey, A Clockwork Orange, Barry Lyndon, and The Shining — that I thought I ought to see a few more.


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