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I was a little apprehensive about my “limited view” seat, but that was not a problem. One edge of the stage was out of my line of sight but I don’t think I missed much of anything. I was relatively close to the stage and best of all I didn’t have a seat in front of me so I could stretch my legs.

My favorite song-and-dance numbers were the opening doorbell-ringing song, “Hello,” plus “Man Up,” and “Spooky Mormon Hell Dream.” None of the songs will really stick with me, but the delivery was so great it didn’t matter. The best part of the show was the absurdity of the smiling, singing, dancing, young missionaries. They fit so well into the classic broadway show tunes mold it’s as if they were made for each other.  Some of the dance moves were hilarious.

I suffered a little bit from over-expectation and anticipation. The reality was good, but it didn’t bowl me over. For me, the show was a little more bland than I expected and the ending was a bit flat. The line “I’ve got maggots in my scrotum” was mildly funny the first time but lost ground with each repetition.

I probably enjoyed Hairspray as much or more than Book of Mormon, but I’d also gladly go back and watch BOM again given the chance. There were lyrics that I couldn’t make out and probably other bits that I missed. The appearances of Joseph Smith, Brigham Young, and other historical figures were terrific. I look forward to a film version some day.

Almost forgot – I also enjoyed the three full-page ads that the LDS church ran in the playbill that featured fresh-faced perky Mormons telling me that “the book is better.” Parker and Stone couldn’t have planted better ads if they had wanted to.

Photo not from the Seattle production:



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