my electronic retiree


I’m proud of my little smart phone that just passed its three year and four month anniversary. Just to see if it still had some magic in it, I pulled it out of my pocket tonight while driving. At a stoplight, I turned on the navigation function. As I drove off I pushed the voice nav button and, in the midst of the loud truck and loud ventilation fan background noise, I spoke, “Polyclinic, Northgate.”

The mighty first generation T-Mobile MyTouch understood me! It produced a dialog box that asked me if I wanted directions to the Polyclinic at Northgate. Even though I knew the way, I let Google navigation tell me where to turn at each juncture. And unlike some other occasions, it was perfectly on target. And unlike some other occasions, it didn’t crash and reboot the phone.

This old phone is limping along on a battery that won’t last a full day because they don’t make new batteries for it anymore. It takes about 90 seconds to boot up. But I love it for what it is. And when my Nexus 4 arrives, the old phone will be mailed to a resort in the Bahamas to live out its remaining days under an umbrella on a brilliant white sand beach. The MyTouch will drink a “My” Tai and know that it’s lived 100 cell phone years.



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