super healthy chocolate scheme


I belong to a chocolate lovers meet-up type group. Never been to an event. They don’t have very many, but if they ever have a good one, like snorkeling in a vat of chocolate, I want to know about it. On the basis of that membership, I received an email from someone I’ve never met. She said, “… you have GOT to check out this event …” and provided a link.

I HAD to check it out, and found myself looking at an invitation to a “distributor training” meeting for Team Seattle Xocai. Yes, it had MLM written all over it. And the announcement literally had dollar bills all over the background. I don’t understand how multi-level marketing groups avoid the prohibition against pyramid schemes, but they do and they infest the nation. They are the itchy fungus on the underside of capitalism.

The invite promised anti-aging, wellness, and wealth. Personally, I need more than robust immortality and riches. Had they also offered fame, sex, and absolute dominion over the earth, I would have been tempted. I did write back, all friendly and full of cheer, and offered a caution about joining an MLM, and also offered a link to this article.

The response said that health claims for Xocai chocolate were all scientifically backed, so I asked for that backing. I received a response with a link to this study. Unfortunately, it’s pretty sketchy on details. The jury is still out. Way out. I also received the same weight loss study described in the article I link to in the paragraph above. People restrict their calories and exercise and voila! They lose weight. Does it matter that some of the restricted calories include the alleged super chocolate? I don’t think so.

I know chocolate has health benefits. Why else would I eat so much of it? But there is no chocolate fountain of youth, my friends. And if you want to become the bane of your social circle by trying to make everyone you know a distributor, so be it. Meanwhile, I’ll be over at Theo Chocolate, helping myself to the free samples. That’s my little scheme for a chocolate distribution network; from the sample tray to my mouth. I cut out the middleman.



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