first friday fremont (seattle) artwalk


Accompanied by the guy featured in the last blog post, I had a fine time at the monthly art walk. I couldn’t help but note how many people were giving out chocolates. In fact, one location had a woman who was selling some very fine chocolate-pepper combination items: little cayenne cupcakes and chocolate-covered chilies, for example. There were samples to eat. And everyone wanted to give me wine. This is a fine neighborhood.

Now to the art. A couple of artists among many that I enjoyed included Ethan Jack Harrington. I like some of his jaunty city scenes. I took a couple poorly lit photos with my phone. You can see one below, but you can do better at his website.  I also like the little “bug people” who inhabit the canvases of Lauren Aldrich. I could use some art for my walls, but first I could use art-for-my-walls money.



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