bike hockey and my head


After visiting Molly Moon’s ice cream, we crossed the street to watch some bike hockey (I filmed a few seconds below). I was scooping up the last of the ice cream, peering through the fence at the cyclists and then … bam … something hit me in the back of the head, really hard. There was a baseball field behind me, and home plate was a long way off, but someone hit one far into left field. It bounced once (so I’m told) and then connected with my head.

People in the vicinity were looking at me as though waiting for me to drop to the ground and pass out. Or to start twitching and begin foaming at the mouth. I was waiting for something similar, like flashes of light, a pinball game behind my eyes, swirling stars, but there was nothin’. Just hurt a bit. Had a bump on the skull for a day. Turns out my head is the safest place to receive a projectile. And the brain inside – well, I think most of my head is bone, not brain. In fact, I made this video after getting beaned.


2 thoughts on “bike hockey and my head

  1. yacman

    This is Capitol Hill. Dropping to the ground, foaming, twitching. Nothing unusual. Probably no one would have noticed, or they might have thought it was some kind of performance art, or something. Hey, if you were wearing a hat and it got knocked off someone might’ve thrown a buck in it–but then someone else would have stolen it. .

  2. gl.

    yikes! you’ll never know what memories were lost. if you come across a missing gap, it was probably the baseball, not the aliens.

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