ice cream science


I held a battle of the ice creams recently. My plan was to pit four locally-produced, highly-touted ice creams against each other in a double-blinded, rigorously controlled, allegedly scientific experiment. (Followed by a chaotic free-for-all). My contestants would be Molly Moon’s, Bluebird, Full-Tilt, and Lick Pure. I would use vanilla as the baseline taste for the experiment.

In reality, there was a small problem. Full-Tilt and Lick Pure did not sell vanilla ice cream. Their flavors had to be relegated to the pig-out part of the event. So our four contenders included two grocery store brands. The result was shocking. Just avert your eyes, readers, if you don’t want to know the awful truth.

Neither our science officer nor our participants knew what brand they were getting. The nine volunteers tasted and then filled out a survey. Here’s the result:

The favorite: Fred Meyer Private Selection Double Vanilla
The runner-up: Molly Moon’s Vanilla Bean
Third best: Bluebird Vanilla Bean
Last place: Fred Meyer cheapest-I-could-find Very Vanilla

That’s right, the grocery store brand won by a fairly significant margin. Don’t blame me – below are some of the scientists.



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