why i love mark twain #1,234,459


This quote was used on the most recent episode of The Skeptics’ Guide to the Universe  podcast:

“Education is the path from cocky ignorance to miserable uncertainty.”
Mark Twain

I just did a search on the phrase and see this has been quoted many, many times, as it should be. Glad to quote it again. Among other things, it explains why lots of people just don’t want to know any more than they do already. Certainty is comfortable. People who are willing to live on the edge of knowledgeable discomfort are the same people who are likely to save us from our own blunders.



2 thoughts on “why i love mark twain #1,234,459

  1. Lucy

    My father used to venture out monthly for his one night of fun per month policy. At a cafe, he and a handful of other English professors would spend the evening giggling about racy material Clemens had written. Clemens’ wife heavily edited what he wrote (because she was a proper lady and it just wouldn’t do to have her husband writing such racy material). They must’ve found some of the material the missus excised , because those monthly meetings lasted for years. I always wondered what one should call a group of English professors; I think I’ve decided on “a cackle of English professors.”

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