“utilize” and “leverage” will destroy the world


In the IT lake that I swim in, these two words are pulling me down.

“Utilize” is a dead weight. Every time the word “utilize” appears, I need to replace it with “use.” That’s easy, isn’t it? You’ve got a nice three-letter word that speeds you along to the next word without any trouble at all. When you write “utilize,” however, you’re sinking deep into the muck and seaweed. I’m sinking, too, if I have to take the time to re-write or edit your material. If you’re one of the guilty writers, start this word replacement now, not later. We’ll all be better humans when you do.

Leverage! Arrgh! Seven out of ten times it’s just another substitute for “use,” only much longer and more ridiculous. There are times when leverage is the right word, but in my world it’s usually not. Stop me before I kill this word. It’s self-defense. “Leverage” is knocking the earth off-balance and increasing gravity at the same time.

You get the picture? Leverage and utilize – strike them down before it’s too late because they have allies that are rapidly approaching. Look over there, behind the dictionary; it’s “functionality”! Run away. Functionality is coming and it’s big and it’s mean.

Someone’s got to save the world — it might as well be me and you. Not I and you, that’s for sure.



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