walk away


I’ve been really bad about posting here. As usual, I’ll throw in a music video instead. 1971. Among skinny long-haired boys of the time, Mr. Walsh reached some sort of power pop funk moment of glory with this song.


2 thoughts on “walk away

  1. Alan Goldsmith

    Danny, the summer of ’72 (’71?) there was this horrible garage band next door to me in Lyons that practiced this song for WEEKS, several hours a day…over and over and over…and over. I wanted to buy a gun and head to Cleveland to find the James Gang…and still have seizures when Walk Away comes on the radio. Maybe it was your band practicing in the garage next door?

    • dangblog

      Good thing I didn’t get you that “Zachariah” DVD for ZORSE day. I ‘m pretty sure the James Gang is on the soundtrack.

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