thank you, 24-hour fitness


Twice I’ve written about how the music on the PA at the gym is so awful that I’d rather listen to barking dogs. Recently I got on my spin bike and dang if there wasn’t a song that started with barking dog sounds. It was “Been Caught Stealing” by Jane’s Addiction.  I like that song. The bigger story is that the music seems to have changed overall. Mostly rock and roll and not so much of that horrific dance-disco-Auto-Tune voice crap.

Before the change I heard an actual dance mix version of Carole King’s “It’s Too Late.” It was gratuitous song destruction; the audio version of a slasher movie and repulsive beyond imagination. These days it’s usually material that I don’t particularly like but can tolerate and ignore.

It’s all about the puke-per-song ratio. I can listen to mediocre rock and roll for a long time without gagging. But music that sounds like a breakfast food commercial with a drum machine causes disgust over and over. Thankfully that’s gone away for now. It’s kind of like how good it feels when you stop hitting your toe with a hammer. Thank you, 24-Hour Fitness. Thank you so much. Don’t ever go back to the way it was.


2 thoughts on “thank you, 24-hour fitness

  1. yacman

    I think each exercise machine should be equipped with electrodes that implant into the user’s brain to analyze EXACTLY their taste in music That info can then fed it into headphones that can be worn by the pedal-monkey.That way everyone can be happy. But, until this happens, we’re probably stuck with the taste of steroid-laden 20-somethings. Plus Led Zeppelin, of course. Everybody likes Led Zeppelin.

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