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Friday I had the good fortune of seeing Julia Sweeney and Jill Sobule (“The Jill and Julia Show”) at the Neptune. You want to know how witty and fun this show is? Go here and you can download or stream one hour of a recorded performance for $5. What a deal. Well worth it. Sweeney is very funny. Sobule plays some of her best material.

I also highly recommend the film of a stage show that Sweeney did, Letting Go of God. You can get it from the library, buy it, or stream it from her website.  I note she’s also selling a new book, If It’s Not One Thing, It’s Your Mother, which I haven’t read. I’m recommending her work because it’s funny and poignant and down-to-earth. I first saw Sweeney and Sobule at The Amazing Meeting in 2007. Then I saw Sweeney do an excerpt from her “God” stage show at the Paramount (on a bill with NPR’s Ira Glass), and saw her again at the Seattle International Film Festival when she toured with her movie. I feel like one of the family.

Saturday night I watched the classic 1962 Truffaut film, Jules and Jim, and so by coincidence had an super-letter-J weekend. Now I just need to go to an Alt-J concert and I’ll have that part of alphabet covered. I’d never seen this movie, and it’s truly great. Worth seeing again. Beautiful dialog, perfectly cast, and filmed and produced with exquisite skill.

Is it a perfect movie? Well, it seemed a little unlikely that the two men in the title continued to be entranced by and bound to the Catherine character in spite of all that happens. On the other hand, it’s based on a true story, so maybe it happened this way. Either way, no film-lover should miss it. It will stay with me for a long time.

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