death and doom in north carolina


Sometimes the news make you wish you lived on another planet.


Twenty-four-year-old chemistry major and football player Jonathon Ferrell had a car accident in Charlotte, North Carolina on Saturday morning. He broke out the back window of his Toyota to get out of the car, and ran to a house for help. The homeowner called 911 and said someone was trying to break into her house. The police arrived, the unarmed Ferrell ran toward them and was shot to death by an officer. Maybe there are circumstances I don’t know about, but it looks like a case being killed for the crime of being young and black. Ferrell was engaged to be married.


Probably none of the above would have happened and maybe the participants wouldn’t have even been born if the U.S. Air Force had blown up North Carolina in 1961 with an atom bomb 260 more times powerful than the Hiroshima bomb. We now know that one of the bombs that was accidentally dropped over Goldsboro that year had four safety switches and three of them weren’t operating.  A minor electrical short could have fully armed the bomb and unleashed hellish destruction on the east coast. The government had always said that the public wasn’t in danger after this accident.


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