funds wanted for unlimited free energy & quantum everything


On this week’s Skeptics Guide to the Universe (episode #427) it was noted that crowd-funding Web service, Indiegogo, includes some very odd funding campaigns. (Note: I don’t know how long these links stay posted after the fundraising attempt is over, so they might disappear.) I think this is the one that was mentioned on the program:

The Home Quantum Energy Generator, which raised $18,000, exceeding its goal.

That one was so entertaining, I looked for additional projects:

The Free Energy Thought Magnifier. This fundraiser ended on Aug. 11. It raised over $1,000 toward its goal of $15,000.

The Mayan Quantum Energy Pyramid in the U.S.A.  This is an old one. The goal was to build a pyramid that would “generate an energetic cushion to balance and redistribute the accelerated beams of energy that the Earth will be receiving from the center of the galaxy, via the sun, on December 21-23, 2012.” The project raised $2,397 toward a goal of $5,000.

Energy Processes in Fuel-Free Electromagnetic Generators. This is a book that one receives for making a donation to the author. He is trying to raise $5,000, but he doesn’t say what the funds are for. Maybe he’s just selling a book. He’s raised $30. Four days left in the campaign.

Free Energy.  This person wants to raise $100,000 to build an unlimited energy device built from the parts of discarded microwave ovens, weed wackers, blenders, and more. I’m not making this up. At this writing, he has four days to go and has raised exactly zero dollars.

I’m thinking of starting a fundraiser for a program to make energized pyramid hats for baby ducks. The hats will balance the flow of bird power through the entire universe and enable the ducks, when fully grown, to fly people to their jobs through intra-dimensional space, reducing commute time by 75%.

Caveat emptor.

In case you’re wondering, a Fixed Funding campaign must return all funds if it doesn’t reach its goal. A Flexible Funding campaign enables you to keep the cash even if you don’t make the goal. These are or were all Flexible Funding.

Photo courtesy of “A Sampler of Things” blog.


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