on the good feet


This is not a poem.
I just decided to break things up because
the Internet has room for a lot of line breaks.

I bicycled to work for a while until I smashed my elbow
in the worst possible way.
I drove to work for a while but got tired of
paying for parking.
I’ve been a devoted bus rider for a long while,
then the most brilliant idea was offered to me:
It’s actually only three miles by foot. Who knew?
It takes about an hour –a slow twenty minutes per mile
due to traffic and stop lights,
but much of the walk is a beautiful stroll along Lake Union.
I walk in the p.m. and bus in the a.m.
Exercise and extra podcast time, oh boy.

Now, ped commuter,
how will you feel in
six weeks
when it’s dark and raining?

“You know my face gettin’ short and I got the blues
I got a funky job and I paid my dues on the good foot”
–          James Brown



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