o lucky piano man


When my piano teacher asked me if there was anything that I wanted to play, as opposed to the lessons in my beginning adult piano book, I was ready. I said, “I want to play a piece called ‘Pastoral’ by Alan Price from the soundtrack to the film, ‘O Lucky Man.’” Weird, I know. Alan Price was in The Animals way back when. He is the keyboard player whose organ you hear on “House of the Rising Sun.”

I saw “O Lucky Man” in the early 70s and then acquired the soundtrack. Somehow the one solo piano piece stuck in my head all those years. I ran across it again last year, purchased the mp3 of that song and decided that I want to play it. Pastoral is short and hopefully easy enough. Then I realized sheet music would be impossible to find. However, my teacher said she really loves to transcribe music, so all is well.

You can hear the song in the background of this video, behind the sounds of bird chirps, a gate opening, passing cars, and so on.


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