i am a curator


Have you noticed that “curated” and “curator” have become buzzwords lately? It was once used to describe someone who selected material for museums and galleries. Now a collection of almost anything is described as “curated.” For example, I have carefully curated the contents of my refrigerator. By invitation only, select individuals may view the unique variety of cooled food items, artfully arranged within.

Here’s a tantalizing glimpse:


For you, right now, I have recommendations that you would do well to heed, because I’m a self-defined arbiter of taste. All bloggers are. Here we go:

Flame in the Mirror. Pretty good play by John Ruoff, now playing at Eclectic Theater. A Irish immigrant in Montana in the 1800s — he and his family have their share of turmoil and tribulation.

Where’s My Water? Terrific game for phone and tablet by Disney. It stars Allie the alligator and concerns his abiding love of taking showers. I’m not kidding that I love this game. It’s not just for kids.

Fred Meyer Greek Yogurt, plain non-fat. Check the label, folks. There’s nothing in here but creamy, thick yogurt. No gelatin or pectin or Elmer’s glue. Don’t get the flavored ones. Get the large size plain.

Pho Bac. If you like pho, go. On Minor in downtown Seattle.


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