short, sweet, sydney


A ten-minute play that I wrote some time ago is going to be produced as part of a massive short play festival in Australia. Don’t know the dates that mine will be performed yet, but the festival stretches over January, February, and March.

Earlier this year I decided to submit some of my old play material to theaters that were soliciting for scripts. I wanted to see if anyone would bite, and then to see if this process would encourage me to try my hand at writing dramas again. I’ve succeeded at parts A and B (submission and acceptance), but part C (more writing) still needs work.

Meanwhile I’m scheming about flying to Sydney next year to attend the Short+Sweet festival and see some of Australia. I’ve never been — so it’s a great excuse to go. That’s summertime for Aussies, which sounds good to me. I’d wrestle a wallaby, then hop over to New Zealand and wrangle a weta.


Wallaby head pokes out of mother’s pouch.


Maybe the photographer used a tiny human hand to make it look this big.


2 thoughts on “short, sweet, sydney

    • dangblog

      Thanks. I guess if I’d go to the Black Rock Desert in Aug. I’d to oz in the summer, but it’s actually looking less likely that I’ll be going.

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