for the last time – 24-hour fitness


After a brief, brief time of PA music that was tolerable, my local 24-hour Fitness gym (on Yale Avenue – I’m talking to you) has returned to the punishing music that falls out of the speakers and then slaps your ears with an insult. Imagine a particularly dorky junior high school student composing music for toothpaste commercials and then adding synthesized bleeping noises. Then hire a cheerleader to sing repetitive phrases about love over this previous noise and you’ve got it. Instant dementia.

I happened to mention this to the guy who works next to me who also goes to this gym and he quickly volunteered that it was the worst thing he had ever heard. What’s the logic behind making customers feel irritated? Must I have my ears removed for the convenience of having a gym so close to where I work?



4 thoughts on “for the last time – 24-hour fitness

  1. gl.

    no, if they kill you, you’ll stop paying for your membership. the trick is to keep you just weak enough to feel you still need the gym.

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