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A new iMac

I just replaced my 2006-era desktop iMac with a new one. The old was still working quite well, still had beautiful graphics, and was just barely beginning to show its age. The built-in camera died, the ethernet port stopped working (though I didn’t notice much since the Wi-Fi was operating), and it was starting to feel a bit slow. I could have continued using it for who knows how long. That’s one thing I like about Macs. They tend to last a very long time and be quite useable and not outdated six years later. Great value. No breakdowns, no headaches. Just flawlessly works and works and works, year after year. I did  all the initial work on my oracle card project on the old Mac with no problems at all.

My new one has a larger screen and will function as my TV. It’s very quiet. It’s fast, sleek, and spiffy, and will remain so for many years if the past is a guide.

Minor annoyances

The bluetooth keyboard that came with my new Mac is perfect for someone with tiny hands. Someone with tiny hands who doesn’t like ergonomics.  Someone with tiny hands, doesn’t like ergonomics, and likes to use two separate keys just to get a forward delete function for text.  Oh yeah, and someone who doesn’t like to have a page up and page down key. So I had to buy an ergonomic, full-size keyboard, which really should already be provided considering the price. Microsoft makes a nice one, and the audio keys — volume up, down, pause, and mute — all work with the Mac. That’s the Microsoft keyboard in the photo.

More money was spent for an optical drive. Sorry, but I have a shelving unit full of CDs and I haven’t loaded all of them onto my computer yet. The computer is my home music player. I also have some DVDs, and I get movies and TV series from the public library on DVD and, as I said, my computer is my TV. Someday this will all be a moot point. Someday all library movies will be streaming or downloads, all of my music will be transferred to servers that go by the ridiculous name of “the cloud,” and one day we’ll have fiber optic cables coming out of our nostrils. Today is not that day. Today is the day Apple and other companies are extracting additional money from us for optical drives.

Other electronic tidbits

I still love my Nexus 4 Android phone and have no desire for an iPhone. I still love my iPod and have no desire for a different music/podcast player. Sometime in the spring of next year I’m going to replace my old-school Kindle with a new Paperwhite version that’s scheduled for release in the first quarter. I prefer a Kindle to paper when I’m reading something huge like Game of Thrones or the almost complete works of Mark Twain. I don’t need to carry all that bulk around with me.



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