this was my seattle new year


Note the time on the clock in this photo. A band called The Spyrographs is coming to the end of a one-hour set of Abba hits. That’s right. I was surrounded by screaming Abba fans. Though never an Abba enthusiast, it was fun to be there.


Within a few minutes, my friend Kelly and I ran for a balcony to try to view  the fireworks being shot off the Space Needle. There was only a thick fog visible. However, across the street someone’s living room window was un-curtained, and a large-screen TV was showing a live broadcast of the fireworks. Those of us on the balcony complained loudly whenever an inhabitant of the house walked in front of the screen.

Then on New Year’s Day there was the annual Bad Wig and Ugly Track Suit walk around Green Lake. My first time at this event. And you can thank the Flying Spaghetti Monster that there are no photos of me, though it’s possible one might appear from other walkers.

bad_wig2     bad_wig3 bad_wig4

After the wig walk I attended a party in which a few people jumped into a freezing cold unheated swimming pool for reasons that will only be clear to them. That’s another annual event. I eat delicious food while some enjoy being frozen and then getting into a hot tub. Repeat until sanity returns.

Okay, this event wasn’t local, but there’s one more item that I think is pretty funny. A website I enjoy called Doubtful News predicted a spate of UFO reports because of all the Chinese lanterns released on New Year’s Eve. Right on schedule, the aliens arrived! Read about it here:
Doubtful News


One thought on “this was my seattle new year

  1. gl.

    we had thick fog down here, too. we could hear the fireworks throughout the city but couldn’t see them. very occasionally one that was close enough would light the clouds nearby, but the firework itself was still invisible.

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