satan’s monument


This news is just too good to pass up. If you haven’t already read about it, here’s the story. The government of Oklahoma, in its great wisdom, approved a privately funded ten commandments monument at the state capitol and it was installed last year. Below is a photo of the six-foot tall item:


It’s embarrassing, but somehow not surprising that two words were originally misspelled on the monument, including “Sabbath,” which had been spelled “Sabbeth.”  No spell-checkers built into granite, eh?

Is the state endorsing Christianity? It sure looks like it. That would make James Madison, Thomas Jefferson, and other founding fathers turn over in their graves. But wait! If the state lets any and every religion put up a monument, then it can hold its head high and declare that it’s not endorsing any one religion. Enter the Satanic Temple. This New York based group has also requested a space for a monument at the Oklahoma capitol building. So did a Hindu organization and the Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster.

The Satanists unveiled the design for their proposed seven-foot statue yesterday:


You have to admit it’s gorgeous and thoughtfully gives visitors a chance to sit in satan’s lap.

I hope the capitol is surrounded by dozens and dozens of religious monuments. I hope you can hardly get inside the building because of the thicket of six-foot rule books, talking snakes, sun gods, and supermen. Then, just maybe, it will dawn on the state legislature that the capitol building, just like any other taxpayer-funded government property is a bad place to put religious icons. How about on private property? How about on the properties of the thousands of churches, mega-churches, and synagogues?


That was the end of this post for most readers. Here’s a little more for anyone who wants to claim that the ten commandments are simply good moral instructions that we base all our laws on. Wrong. In fact, the first four commandments are all about the Christian god’s vanity: (1) I am your god. (2) I come first before those other gods. (3) Don’t take my name in vain. (4) The seventh day is for worshipping me. Then and only then does he get to the murder and adultery stuff.

Written statements of law go back to the Code of Hammurabi (1770 BCE) and earlier. U.S. law is based on British law, which goes back to William the Conqueror and the King Henrys. Their laws were based on those of the Byzantine Empire, which were based on Roman and Greek laws. That’s where our law comes from, not from your favorite holy book.


4 thoughts on “satan’s monument

  1. It makes sense that the seat of government should be surrounded by monuments to the Gods they worship… Spaghetti Monsters, Satan et al, and perhaps a small Christian minority.

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