the oracle cards come nearer


As I mentioned in a previous post, I’m working on a deck of super-magical, beyond-belief cardboard slabs with words and pictures on them. Please note that I didn’t say “magickal” because I’m not an Aleister Crowley devotee, a yahoo, or spell-check deprived.

Anyway, I’ll repeat myself and say that these cards will put the “woo!” in woo-woo and the “sigh” in science. Today I had a graphic designer poke her nose into them and give me a little advice.

The major challenge left is to decide whether to go beyond just divination and also have a game that can be played with these cards. That’s a challenge. How do you create a card game? There are faint threads of ideas, but I don’t have the mechanics. I asked a game developer for advice and was given the brush off. He’ll regret it when I sell as many as 10 of these soon-to-be-highly-sought-after miracle items.

Did I mention that handling them will cure diaper rash, borborygmi, and the willies?



4 thoughts on “the oracle cards come nearer

  1. gl.

    you can “play” it the way you play any tarot game. i do hope the cards come with a little booklet about how to predict the future.

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