how to say “please do not vote for me” to women


After the last presidential election, it was noted that 53% of the electorate are women, 55% of women voted for Obama, and 44% for Romney. Has the Republican party learned from this? Maybe some members. Not all. 

I was starting make a list of the nutty things that GOPers were saying to repel female voters, but dang if Talking Points Memo didn’t just do that for me. Right here.  It’s an enjoyable read that also makes you cringe. And the writer doesn’t even mention the former Governor of Mississippi, Haley Barbour, who a few days ago dismissively referred to the mayor of Hoboken, New Jersey, saying, “This is a lady mayor…”

Women are going to flock to the polls and vote for these people? Right, just like the growing population of Latinos are going to. There’s still time for Republicans to turn this around, but they have some work to do, especially if they want the support of younger and single women.


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