the i-can’t-look-it-up-factor


Every medical institution in the world says that cigarettes are bad for your health, and you most likely believe it. You aren’t saying they’re all wrong and that you have a better grasp on this subject than just about every heart-lung specialist on the planet.  

You know where this is going. “Well, it’s really cold outside, so climate change can’t be true.” D’oh. It’s like saying, “Well Uncle Joe smoked cigarettes and he lived to be 100 so they can’t be bad for you.” Back in the day, you could even find a few crank M.D.s that worked for tobacco companies and swore smoking didn’t damage your health. Today you can find a few similar climate change deniers and they get published in the Wall Street Journal.

This is a link to an article with a nice graphic representing the scientific consensus, and it’s just as clear as the “cigarettes are bad for you” subject. One quote:

Here’s the thing: If you listen to Fox News, or right-wing radio, or read the denier blogs, you’d have to think climate scientists were complete idiots to miss how fake global warming is. Yet despite this incredibly obvious hoax, no one ever publishes evidence exposing it.

Look it up. There’s a reality out there. Look it up with the same attitude you’d look into finding a good mechanic or a medical treatment for a loved one. That is, without political glasses on.

This may come a surprise to some, but when it’s winter here, it’s summer on the other side of the planet. Over in Perth, Australia, they recently set a record nighttime temperature: 85 degrees at 3 a.m. It’s been extremely hot, so if you read next year that 2014 was one of the hottest years on record, don’t be surprised.

Some consequences of climate change — The Economist.  The EPA. Wikipedia has a nice summary of methods for mitigating climate change

Climate humor:

Global warming puts more water vapor in the air and causes more rain and snow overall while other places dry up. The common denominator: it’s warmer. Each of the last three decades are successively warmer than any previous decade going to back 1850, when reasonably accurate records began.



4 thoughts on “the i-can’t-look-it-up-factor

  1. The hysterical predictions of the Global Warming alarmists has not come true. So now they turn on a dime and are calling it Climate Change, about which “scientists agree”. Scientists would be foolish not too. The earth’s climate has been changing since records have been left. Best guess; it will change some more, and is changing currently. How much has industrialization contributed to the change? Probably somewhat. Anytime you introduce change into an ecosystem it causes change. Is the change alarming? The news media eats alarming events up with a spoon. So judging from the media is certainly not scientific. Can we judge it from the predictions of the Global Warmers? The data suggests not. My recipe: Don’t build your home below sea level or in a flood plain. And build your home back from the beach a safe distance. This has been common sense for millenniums.

    • dangblog

      Thank you for being a case in point. Your considered opinion of whether people are influencing the climate is “probably somewhat.” Whereas the world climate science community says “definitely and a significant influence.”  You apparently know more than 99% of climate scientists. That’s an impressive feat that would win you a Nobel if you’d only publish your findings.

  2. I know enough to know that they have been far enough off in their predictions of “significant” to cause them to change the name of the problem. I believe this has been noted (published) elsewhere. So much so that public opinion is beginning to view these ‘scientists’ with the same regard as people who see the face of Christ in their breakfast toast.

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