photo-generated predictions of the future


In introductions to Twilight Zone episodes, Rod Serling sometimes said “Submitted for your approval …” or “Presented for your consideration …” I’m submitting for your consideration a simple photograph and three predictions.



The first thing you might notice is a CFL bulb, which I will never buy again. I’m replacing my bulbs with the superior LED lights whenever an old one burns out.

What will eventually replace LEDs? My prediction is super-charged bioluminescent mushrooms! Not likely, you might say, but cooler than anything else I can think of. I really want my home illuminated by brilliant ‘shrooms.



Below the lamp in the picture, you’ll see my old-school Kindle. I’m going to replace that with new a variety that’s due for release this spring. My prediction for the future of reading is a cup o’ knowledge:


Let’s say you want to absorb a novel. Each measure on the cup is a chapter or a percentage of the book. The book is encoded in a liquid – you can buy a big gallon jug of Moby Dick. You take a sip, wait a few moments and the first chapter appears in your memory, or reads out, line by line, as literature nanobots go to work on your brain cells. I’m sure that drinking books is an old idea, but very appealing.

Danger: do not become falling-down drunk on a volume of poetry or a chemistry textbook.


Last item, at the bottom of the photo, is a 1972-era Magnavox clock-radio with flip-over digital numbers. I’m not kidding that this clock-radio has been operating for 42 years and counting. The light that illuminated the numbers at night has gone out, but I still use the radio alarm to get me up in the morning.

Prediction: I will never need to replace this. Retina-imprint alarms and holographic clocks and super timer  implants will come and go, but this clock-radio will outlast them all. Magnavox obviously cracked the secret of eterna-products back in the early 70s and then hushed it up because there was no profit without obsolescence. One of the prototypes accidentally got onto the assembly line and it’s mine.


Now it’s your turn to predict.


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