jungle heat


The heat and humidity is significant and I’m taking it easier to avoid having my personal radiator boil over.

At the corner of Vine and Vine:


The view of hills and ocean from above Cairns.


On my reef trip, one of the tour guides snapped underwater photos of me right next to a large blue-lipped fish. Later the tour people posted small copies of all the photos and offered to sell us prints. There were lots of people with pictures next to that fish, and I couldn’t tell which one was me. We all had face masks and Lycra suits (jelly fish protection) and looked pretty much alike.

More surprising was that the theater fest people also wanted to sell me photos of my own play. Here is one of them, which I did not buy, because this preview version is good enough for me. Pazuzu and Crissy:


“Where is the animal’s head?” Pazuzu is asking as he grapples with a hot dog. Crissy, meanwhile, is thrilled that her boyfriend is just outside the mall and will soon arrive.

Brother Tom will recognize this fruit from the produce market.



2 thoughts on “jungle heat

    • dangblog

      Nah. Pretty much the same. Didn’t even notice. (FYI: In the script I changed a reference to American football to rugby and that seemed to work.)

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