what about ‘roos and crocs?


On the train to the Blue Mountains, I’m pretty sure I saw two kangaroos in a field. Can’t confirm. I definitely saw a bunch of wallabies in a field today (like small kangaroos). Do you know how wacky this would sound to Australians? Kind of like someone coming to the U.S. and saying, “Hey, I spotted a squirrel!”

Today on a tour into the Daintree rainforest, I saw two juvenile crocodiles (maybe two feet long) in the wild, and in a very small preserve I saw some rescued ‘roos and wallabies. I petted the soft pelt of one of the kangaroos.

The hoppers seem to occupy the same niche as deer in the U.S.; munching on vegetation in woods and fields and getting struck by cars.

I was in cassowary territory today but they are few and wary. Tour driver says he spots about one of the birds per week. I’ve seen “common” birds: cockatoos, mynahs, ibis, and have at least heard a kookaburra and have recorded the audio. Saw a bush turkey today.

Kangaroo and generic rainforest scene –




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