skeptical sydneysiders


I dropped in on the Sydney Skeptics In the Pub meetup group tonight. I had a lovely chat with a couple that I shared a table with. I said hello to the group organizer, Richard Saunders, a well known Australian skeptic. He has been a significant player in the battle against the anti-vaccination movement.

He took me aside and did a quick interview with me for his podcast. I stumbled through it with nothing much to contribute.

More interesting was the evening’s talk by a man who, naturally enough, was very skeptical on the topic of bitcoins. He saw bitcoins as items that will have value as long as someone is willing to pay for them but will never replace an actual currency. He also compared them to tulips in Holland in the 17th century.

Personally I don’t fully understand what a bitcoin actually is. I’ve read and heard explanations, but all I really know is that they cause libertarians to both feel happy and to call other types of money “fiat currency.”

Here is an anti-bitcoin argument:

And a rebuttal by the bitcoiners:


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