my fame increases immensely – the skeptic zone


As I mentioned a few posts back, while in Sydney I decided to drop by the local monthly Skeptics in the Pub meeting. The meeting was easy walking distance from where I was staying. The talk was about bitcoins. Personally, I was having enough trouble trying to figure out Australian coins. For some reason they have gigantic 50-cent pieces, so if you get enough change in your pocket you sound like a clanking robot when you walk. (The “paper” currency there is actually plastic and sensibly color coded.)

As I also mentioned, Mr. Richard Saunders pulled me aside and did a quick interview for a podcast. You can now hear me talk about Seattle, skeptic meet-ups, and yes, the weather, and hear me say, “Uh …” on episode 281 of the Skeptic Zone podcast. Go here:  In episode 281 you must wait patiently (or fast forward, you cheater) to hear me. I come in at about 53:40 and bow out around 58:20.

I’m amazed at the energy and determination in Richard and his friends that enables them to come up with an entire hour of material every single week. That’s a lot of work. No wonder he interviewed me! Another five minutes filled. “Good on ya,” as they say. Australian skeptics are, among other things, an awesome force for critical thinking. They have made headlines exposing the insanity of the anti-vaccine crowd and those ridiculous “power balance” bracelets.

4 thoughts on “my fame increases immensely – the skeptic zone

  1. Wikipedia says the company paid out 57 million to settle a lawsuit, which forced them into Chapter 11. Still, you can make even close to 57 million selling bracelets?! Just the idea of that much money makes all my chi forces resonate and giggle.

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