skin of the gods


Once I was listening to Wait, Wait, Don’t Tell Me and heard P.J. O’Rourke tell an allegedly true story. He mentioned a time in his youth when he was tripping on LSD and came across an “Up With People” singing group performing a song called, “What Color is God’s Skin?” (If you click that link, you’ll regret it for the rest of your life.)

“What color is god’s skin?” is exactly the sort of question that might give you pause after taking LSD. You’d seriously mull it over. But when sung by a smiling group of fresh-faced kids, it also might turn you away from that drug forever, as P.J. claimed.

Let’s give some some thought to the question. Clues to a god’s skin color might exist in blue-skinned depictions of Krishna


or in the pictures where Jesus looks like a a modern-day white European or American guy.


Another good option – Bootsy Collins, god of funk bass guitar:


I found my answer of sorts when I put “god’s skin” into the Google search bar, then clicked on the Maps tool and found a map of the Seattle region with an icon showing the Ambrosia Tattoo Gallery in Redmond, Washington. Something in the depths of Google’s server-brains put “god” and “skin” together and came up with Ambrosia Tattoo, appropriately enough. Unfortunately the place is now closed, so if you want your own designer godskin, you’re too late.



5 thoughts on “skin of the gods

  1. yacman

    I know I was warned, but I will INDEED regret watching that video for the rest of my life. Next time I’ll have a vomit bucket ready.

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