fremont solstice parade tales


1. Before the parade I was at the staging area looking for Diane in the “Birds and Bells” group. I found some birds and asked a cardinal, “Where is Diane the canary?” She said, “Diane? Isn’t she a puffin?” Someone else said, “No, there’s a canary Diane. She went out to take photos.” I found her. She’s in the second photo below.

2. During the parade, my partner and I (pictured below) scratched many, many backs of both children and adults.  Some people wanted nothing to do with me whatsoever. Others were bowing to the pavement, eager for the golden fingers. I scratched one dog. Two people asked me to scratch their posteriors. I told them I’d need a signed permission form and moved on. Someone photoed me performing the sacred scratching rite.

3. After the parade, a man was admiring my garments. “Is that Balinese?” he asked me. I could have said it was woven by leprechauns who used the hair of the African water rat. He might have been a believer. But no, I told the truth – it came from the women’s pajamas and maternity wear section of a thrift store.



2 thoughts on “fremont solstice parade tales

    • dangblog

      The medusa-head cap is something I’ve had and enjoyed for several years, and the amazing headdress was a loan from a local costume-making fanatic. There are real iridescent beetle wings on it.

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