zeus visits my neighborhood


It was mostly sunny yesterday so I went out to run an errand on my bike. It was around 11 a.m. I was just about to hop on my bike when there was a bright flash in the sky and a huge explosion. I sort of ducked and jumped at the same time. Somehow I managed a quick glance up and saw bolts of intra-cloud lightning.

A car alarm nearby had been activated by the blast. People were coming out of their apartments and asking what happened. There was no previous thunder to tip us off and the flash and ka-bloom were pretty much simultaneous. We don’t get much lightning in Seattle so this was a big thrill in addition the scaring the hell out of me.

I later read that a tree had been struck just a block or two away.  There were a few more incidents like that in town, and it did cloud up for a moment and rain briefly to make the whole “electrical storm” concept seem more believable.

Man struck by lightning at Green Lake
Lightning causes damage in Seattle


Drawing by Jeanine of North Carolina.



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