vintage computers


I attended the Vintage Computer Faire today at the Living Computer Museum, so naturally I applied the “vintage” filter to some of the photos I took. The word “Living” is in the title because many, maybe the majority, of computers on display are still operating.

In addition to old desktops, there is a room full of hulking monsters with plenty of blinking lights and tape reels. I was not geeky enough for this place, where many visitors can sit down, type in some cryptic code, and make these great-grandparent computers do things.

digitalX     magicbrain_calcX    solX

Below are a couple pictures that I didn’t vintage-ize. Who can resist the computer with the two porthole screens? And that punch card computer is like the first computer I ever used. It was at the U. of Michigan a long time ago. I typed a journalism assignment onto a keyboard, the machine spit out a bunch of cards. I rubber-banded the cards and put them in a stack where they would be run and printed. I think I picked up the print-out the next day. It would have been much faster to type it myself, but we were getting a taste of the future.

IF    IF


2 thoughts on “vintage computers

  1. Lucy

    I posted a comment about a neat computer museum i came across pretty much in the middle of nowhere while crossing the country. But I can’t find the comment. Did I do something incorrectly? I was showing my caregiver how cool this blog is and then on a whim Ieft some comments. But I’ve never done commenting before, so I don’t know what step I left out. R there instructions? Thx if anyone sees this and can help! –Accidental Luddite

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