turning pedals in the sun


Yesterday’s 30-mile bicycle ride starred Ms. Uber and me and featured sunny weather that peaked at 84 in late afternoon. It started in the Central District – where you see the crudely written #1 on the map below, and from there to the Elliott Bay bike trail and Alki Trail to Alki Beach and down to the little Lowman Beach Park. That’s an unassuming rocky tidepool beachlette away from the rollerbladers , volleyball tournaments, and three-wheeled rental fun bikes loaded with tourists holding ice cream cones at Alki. Lowman Beach is where the #2 is. Reversed course, back toward downtown, stopping briefly at Luna Park Cafe. lunaBack up the Elliott Bay trail to the congested, construction-plagued Alaska Way, past the new big head, and into the blissful  Myrtle Edwards park, up the Terminal 91 trail, past the big honkin’ Interbay railroad yard, to cruise along the Lake Washington Ship Canal, and enter into Fremont for pho and the annual Dudefest, which marks the #3.


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